IC3 Meetup Hosted by NYC Ethereum and JP Morgan - "DC-Nets and Anonymity Protection" - Tyler Kell, IC3
Thursday October 24, 2019 JP Morgan, 383 Madison Ave, Room 1311, NYC, NY

Abstract: Anonymous communiication is important for dissidents, activists, whistleblowers, journalists, and any individuals that might be under surveillance by other parties. Dining Cryptographer Networks (DC-Nets) provide the strongest anonymity protections and the lowest possible latency of any current cryptographic solution. Unfortunately DC-Nets are faced with three fatal flaws that prevent their deployment in the real world: prohibitive bandwidth consumption, denial of service attacks (DoS) by participants, and low fault tolerance. In this talk, I will discuss DC Nets and how they work, and then present Howl, our new open source project and decentralized anonymity network that solves these issues to make DC-Nets usable in the real world. We leverage a new aggregation protocol for bandwidth and fault tolerance issues, and use trusted execution environments (TEEs) to prevent DoS. All privacy is handled by the DC-net protocol and at no point does broadcast privacy rely on the trusted execution environment or aggregation network.

Registration: Advance regstration registration before October 24 is required for access to JPM. Upon your arrival, lobby security will send you to the 13th floor conference center reception area. Please register at the NYC Ethereum Meetup site.

6:30 - 7:00 PM: Arrival and Networking

7:00 PM: Presentation