The Cornell High School Programming Contest Warm Up
Saturday February 27, 2021 Virtual

IC3 was proud to sponsor the 2021 High School Programming Contest Warm Up in support of our initiative goal to create an inclusive space in programing.

The High School Programming Contest Warm Up is the precursor to the High School Programming Contest, which will be held in May. The Warm Up was held virtually on February 27th, 2021. The contest aims to help underrepresented groups in technology learn more about programming and hone their technical skills. The students are given two hours to solve eight programming problems ranging in difficulty, Teams are awarded points based on the time it took to complete the problem and the level of difficulty. One coding problem in this year's contest focused on blockchain technology. This year's event was attended by 135 students from 10 different states, the teams were composed of both pairs and trios. Out of 51 teams, the winning team Doral TreeSum was from Doral Academy in Florida.

Here are the winning teams from the contest.

The event was organized by IC3 Faculty Member Robbert Van Renesse (Cornell) and Diane Levitt (Cornell Tech). The event, which featured 30 student mentors from Cornell and Cornell Tech. The mentors assist with the mundane programming details that frequently come up when solving programming problems. The mentors were not there to give answers, instead they were there to help the students on troubleshooting the problems and looking at them in a different way. The competition was process focused rather than competition focused. The goal of the event was to help young coders gain confidence and skills to help encourage them to continue coding.

See more information about the upcoming contest in the events page.