IC3 Members & Friends Reception @SBC 2023
Tuesday August 29, 2023 Graduate Hotel - President's Terrace, Palo Alto, CA

Attendees included IC3 Directors, Faculty, PhD students, industry partners, and other friends of the academic research community. The reception allowed dedicated time for IC3 member connections during SBC, which is co-organized by IC3 with Stanford's CBR and Berkeley’s RDI.

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Attendees enjoyed a selection of local food and drinks and the reception lasted from the end of the conference day well into the evening.

A special shoutout to the IC3 reception sponsors whose generous support made this event possible!

President's Terrace at the Graduate Hotel Palo Alto.

Overall, the reception was a celebration of the blockchain community's vibrancy and provided opportunities for new and continued connections between researchers working in academic and industry, toward IC3’s goal of fostering the collaborations that move blockchain-based solutions from today’s white boards and proof-of-concepts to tomorrow’s fast and reliable financial systems of execution and record.

Thanks again to all who joined us and we hope to see you soon at future IC3 events!