Ph.D. Positions Available

Want to join the ranks of the talented and driven students producing world-class research and systems in IC3?

IC3 faculty at all of our academic institutions (Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Cornell Tech, EPFL, ETH Zurich, University of Bern, UC Berkeley, University College London, UIUC, SMU, and the Technion) have open positions for PhD students, undergraduates, interns, and postdocs who wish to work with us. If you are already enrolled at one of these institutions and wish to work with IC3, please feel free to contact a faculty member at your institution directly. We're happy to hear from you. If you are not yet a student in one of our PhD programs but wish to apply, please visit the webpages of the faculty with whom you might wish to work.

You can read the bios of many of our dozens of PhD students, undergraduates, and postdocs here.