Cornell/CornellTech and Ethereum Foundation Research Group

1 joint postdoc position available, co-hosted by Cornell/CornellTech’s Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Contracts (IC3) and Ethereum Foundation Research Group.

The postdoc will focus on the design and development of formally secure, next-generation cryptocurrency systems, and bringing state-of-the-art research results to production systems.

Example projects include:

Design and build cryptographic algorithms for Ethereum and smart contracts, design and build Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocols for cryptocurrencies, and individually bring these projects to the point where they are usable by average developers and users.

Desired experience:

One or more of the following areas: Cryptography, distributed systems, networking, programming languages, systems building.

Applicants to this position must have received their PhD, or completed the requirements for their PhD, when the appointment begins.


The postdoc will be predominantly based in Ithaca or NYC, working with members of the Initiative for CryptoCurrency and Contracts (IC3). The postdoc will be encouraged to visit members of Ethereum Foundation Research Group.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates should first send their CVs to and, if requested, arrange to have two or more letters of recommendation emailed to the same addresses.

Questions about the position may be sent to the same addresses.