Industry Partners and Donors

IC3 acknowledges and appreciates a generous gift from the VMware Foundation to advance the science and technology of blockchains.

The National Science Foundation awarded IC3 a $3M 3-year grant in 2015. We seek partners in industry, law and commerce to sponsor and collaborate with us in our mission to deliver powerful, principled, and practical innovations.

Annual Membership Program Fees and Benefits

IC3 offers two levels of membership: Sponsor Members and Regular Members. Sponsor Members pay $450k per year and Regular members pay $150k per year.

The membership program is designed to foster the relationship between IC3 and industry. These funds support research and facilitate the exploration of new innovative ideas and prototypes.

Membership is effective when the company pays its first annual contribution, and is renewed automatically upon each subsequent annual payment, and may be terminated by written notice from either IC3 or the company to the other.

Benefits of Sponsor Membership

Benefits of Regular Membership

Use of Open Source Software

IC3 researchers will use and develop open-source software, and it is the intention of the researchers that any software released will be released under an open source license.


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