Ari Juels
IC3 Co-Director

Ari Juels is a Professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech in NYC. He was previously Chief Scientist of RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

Elaine Shi
IC3 Co-Director

Elaine Shi is an Associate Professor at Cornell University. 99% of programmers in the real world are not cryptography experts, and it is dangerous for them to cook up their own cryptographic protocols. Elaine's research creates platforms and tools that aids non-expert programmers in creating systems that are "secure by design" and "secure by default".

Emin Gün Sirer
IC3 Co-Director

Emin Gün Sirer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. His research interests span distributed systems, cryptocurrencies, and software infrastructure for large scale services.

Ittay Eyal
IC3 Associate Director

Ittay Eyal is a post-doctoral associate in the Cornell Computer Science Department. His research focuses on distributed systems, particularly the security and scalability of cryptocurrency technologies.

Andrew Miller
IC3 Associate Director

Andrew Miller is a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interests include all facets of cryptocurrency science, from measurement and simulation to theory and formal modelling. His lectures can be found in the first cryptocurrency textbook and MOOC.

Executive Director

Jim Ballingall
IC3 Executive Director

Jim Ballingall is the IC3 Executive Director, responsible for community outreach, engagement, and support of the IC3 partners and ecosystem. Jim earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell, and a B.S. in Engineering Physics from U.C. Berkeley. Jim also directs the Industry-Academia Partnership, a consortium founded by Cornell with other top universities and leading companies pursuing next generation computing technologies. At a recent IC3 NYC Meetup, he stated, "The summer of 2016 saw $50M+ security breaches in both Ethereum and Bitcoin; these underscore the urgent need for fast and reliable blockchain solutions rooted in truly rigorous cryptography, game theory and computer science...IC3 is committed to collaborate with its partners to fulfill that need, with practical open source solutions that overcome the greatest challenges to widespread blockchain adoption."

Faculty / Scientists

Lorenzo Alvisi

Lorenzo Alvisi holds an Endowed Professorship in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. He will join Cornell as a Professor of Computer Science in Fall 2016. His research interests are in the theory and practice of distributed computing, with a particular focus on dependability. He is a Fellow of the ACM, IEEE, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the recipient of a Humboldt Research Award. He serves on the editorial boards of ACM Transactions on Computer Systems and Springer’s Distributed Computing, and on the council of CRA’s Computing Community Consortium.

James Grimmelmann

James Grimmelmann is a professor of law at Cornell Tech and Cornell Law School. He studies how laws regulating software affect freedom, wealth, and power. He helps lawyers and technologists understand each other, applying ideas from computer science to problems in law and vice versa. He is the author of the casebook Internet Law: Cases and Problems and of over forty scholarly articles and essays on digital copyright, search engine regulation, privacy on social networks, online governance, and other topics in computer and Internet law. He teaches courses in property, intellectual property, and Internet law.

Roni Michaely

Roni Michaely is the Rudd Family professor of finance at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University and also affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Center. His research is in the areas of corporate finance, capital markets, and valuation. Currently, his research is focused on conflict of interest in capital markets, corporate payout policy, and securities' valuation. He was recently recognized as one of the most cited people in finance, and serves an associate editor for the Journal of Finance

Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. His research interests include computer security, programming languages, and distributed and persistent programming systems. His work has focused on practical, sound, expressive languages and systems for enforcing information security by construction. The Jif programming language makes it possible to write programs which the compiler ensures are secure, and the Fabric system extends this approach to distributed programming. Myers is an ACM Fellow and co-Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Computer Security.

Rafael Pass

Rafael Pass is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University (Cornell Tech). His research focuses on Cryptography and Game Theory and their interplay with Computational Complexity. He is a recipient of the NSF Career Award, the AFOSR Young Investigator Award, and the Google Faculty Award and was named a Alfred P Sloan Fellow, a Microsoft Faculty Fellow, and a Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

Robbert van Renesse

Robbert van Renesse is a Principal Research Scientist in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University. His research is in the area of the theory and practice of scalable fault tolerant distributed systems. Van Renesse is Chair of ACM SIGOPS, an ACM Fellow, and Associate Editor of ACM Computing Surveys.

Dawn Song

Dawn Song is Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, she was an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University from 2002 to 2007. Her research interest lies in security and privacy issues in computer systems. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the MacArthur Fellowship, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the NSF CAREER Award, the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, the MIT Technology Review TR-35 Award, and Best Paper Awards from top conferences. She is the founder of Ensighta Security Inc., which was acquired by FireEye Inc.


Iddo Bentov

Iddo Bentov is a postdoc at Cornell University, and author of a number of academic papers on cryptography and cryptocurrency. He has been involved in the Bitcoin space since mid-2011, and also works on succinct zero-knowledge proofs at SCIPR Lab.

Jed Liu

Jed Liu is a post-doctoral associate in the Cornell Computer Science Department. His research spans distributed systems, security, and programming languages.

Qiang Tang

Qiang Tang is a post-doctoral associate in the Cornell Computer Science Department. His research focuses on applied and theoretical cryptography, particularly the intersection of accountability, cryptocurrency and post-Snowden crypto.


Soumya Basu

Soumya Basu is a first year graduate student at Cornell University. His research interests include the areas of distributed systems and security.

Lorenz Breidenbach

Lorenz is a master’s student from ETH Zürich visiting Cornell Tech as a participant in the ETH Studio New York program. His research interests include applied cryptography, security, and machine learning.

Ethan Cecchetti

Ethan Cecchetti is a graduate student at Cornell University. He is interested in a wide range of research related to security and cryptography.

Philip Daian

Philip Daian is a Computer Science graduate student at Cornell University. He brings experience in the formal verification and automotive domains, and looks forward to building the next generation of efficient and open financial cryptosystems.

Ayush Dubey

Ayush Dubey is a graduate student at Cornell University. His research aims to bridge the gap between strong guarantees and high performance in large-scale distributed systems. His current project is Weaver, a high-performance, transactional graph store.

Naomi Ephraim

Naomi Ephraim is a first year graduate student at Cornell University. Her research interests span the areas of cryptography and game theory.

Joshua Gancher

Joshua Gancher is a graduate student at Cornell University. He is interested in cryptography and programming languages.

Adem Efe Gencer

Adem Efe Gencer is a PhD candidate at Cornell University Computer Science Department. His recent research focuses on configuring large distributed computations and developing the Bitcoin-NG scalable blockchain protocol.

Yue Guo

Yue Guo is a first year PhD student at Cornell University Computer Science Department. She is interested in cryptography and system security.

Yan Ji

Yan Ji is an undergraduate student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and currently an intern at Cornell. She is interested in blockchain technologies and other areas intersecting security, applied cryptography and distributed systems.

Ahmed Kosba

Ahmed Kosba is a graduate student at University of Maryland. He is interested in security and applied cryptography research, with a focus on verifiable computation and cryptocurrency.

Kai Mast

Kai Mast is a student at Cornell's Ithaca campus. His research focus covers distributed database systems and peer-to-peer applications.

Yi Qian

Yi Qian is a graduate student at Cornell Computer Science Department. His research interests are security and applied cryptography, particularly the security and privacy of cryptocurrency systems.

Isaac Sheff

Isaac Sheff is a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Cornell working with Andrew Myers and Robbert van Renesse at the intersection of distributed systems and programming languages. He works with decentralized trust, atomic transactions, and consensus protocols.

Itay Tsabary

Itay Tsabary is a graduate student at the Technion. He is interested in distributed systems, cryptocurrencies and game theory.

Ekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina is a finance Ph.D. student in the Johson School of Management, Cornell University. Prior to joining the program in 2012, Ekaterina graduated from Moscow State University with MA in Mathematics and from New Economic School with MA in Economics. Her main research focus is empirical corporate finance and text-mining.

Zikai Alex Wen

Zikai Alex Wen is a graduate student at Cornell University. He focuses on interdisciplinary research that enhances usability, addresses major threats and prevents disruptive forms in new digital finance.

Oscar Zegarra

Oscar is a senior studying Computer Science and Physics at Cornell University. He is interested in applications of block chain technologies as well as distributed systems and programming languages.

Fan Zhang

Fan Zhang is a second year PhD student Cornell University. His research interest spans systems security, trusted hardware, cryptocurrencies and their intersection.

Governing Board

  • Ari Juels
  • Roni Michaely
  • Andrew Miller
  • Elaine Shi
  • Emin Gün Sirer
  • Dawn Song