IC3 Blockchain Camp 2024
June 10-16, 2024 Cornell Tech (Roosevelt Island) New York, NY

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2024 IC3 Blockchain Camp!

We were back at Cornell Tech's campus on Roosevelt Island for a week of learning, networking, and hacking.


This year’s Camp included research talks about TradFi, regulation, cryptography, infrastructure, scalability, L2s, DAOs, and more. Not to mention our seven-day hackathon.

Opening address given by IC3 Associate Director Prof. Andrew Miller (UIUC), who acknowledged the initiative's contributions, naming several well-known projects and companies that originated from IC3.

See the full agenda below.

The Talks

In addition to talks and panels, IC3 students presented their recent research on diverse topics like zkBridge, decentralized AI, and smart contract security.

The Hackathon

Teams were assembled on the first day of the Camp after reviewing the project proposals. Everyone researched and programmed throughout the week and presented their projects on the last day of the Camp. Projects were judged by Sarah Allen (IC3, Flashbots), Patrick McCorry (Arbitrum Foundation), Surya Bakshi (Offchain Labs), Haaroon Yousaf (IC3), Lorenz Breidenbach (Chainlink Labs). The judges based their decisions on novelty, practicality, user experience, technical difficulty, and maturity of development within the week.

Winning Projects:

1. First Place - Boquila

Team Members: Giannis Kaklamanis (Yale University), Vivian Jeng (Ethereum Foundation), Jayamine Alupotha (IC3, University of Bern), Mariarosaria Barbaraci (IC3, University of Bern), Abhimanyu Rawat (UPF Barcelona)

Summary: The team explored protecting user identities from third parties through the use of multiple public keys that validate users. This prevents social media accounts and other websites from tracking online behavior. For more details, read our new IC3 blog post.

2. Second Place - DAO Decentralization

Team Members: Daniel Vilardell (IC3, Cornell Tech), Amy Zhao (IC3), Shashank Motepalli (University of Toronto), Tanusree Sharma (UIUC), Siheng Pan (UIUC)

Summary: This project applies the Voting-Bloc Entropy metric from the paper "DAO Decentralization: Voting-Bloc Entropy, Bribery, and Dark DAOs" to real DAO voting data for 27 DAOs. It visualizes changes over time, voter participation, distribution of voting power, voting clusters, and proposal metadata.

3. Third Place - TEE - IPFS

Team Members: Marwa Moallem (IC3, Technion), James Austgen (IC3, Cornell Tech), Andrew Miller (IC3, UIUC), Pradyumna Shome (Georgia Tech), Jiasun Li (George Mason University)

Summary: The team created an HTTPS domain name that can only be served by a gateway verifying the hashes of IPFS files using remote attestation and a trusted execution environment. This ensures users can access IPFS files through their web browsers with confidence in their accuracy.

Group Activity & Closing Party

Camp attendees also enjoyed a group activity —the MET tour— to experience the rich museum culture NYC has to offer.

The camp concluded with an epic closing party sponsored by Chainlink, held at the historical Sanctuary on Roosevelt Island with live jazz music, delicious food, and a reward ceremony for our hackathon winning teams.

A special shoutout to our technical committee for putting on such a stellar event: Sarah Allen, Surya Bakshi, Lorenz Breidenbach, Patrick McCorry, and Haaroon Yousaf. We also thank IC3 partners and sponsors for their generous support:

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s event! We hope to see you again next year!

Important Note

Last but not the least, registration for the Science of Blockchain Conference 2024 (SBC'24) will close this Friday, June 28! Join us at Columbia University from Aug 7-9 for this year's conference, hosted by IC3 and co-organized by Stanford CBR and Berkeley RDI. Register here today!